How to WIN QQ Online Game EASILY?

How to WIN QQ Online Game EASILY? To win in the game of Domino QiuQiu, it ‘s not hard if you have read the Powerful Tricks Winning in the Game of Domino Qiu Qiu. But before entering into articles on Powerful Ways to Trick Domino 99, please read the Basic Guide and How to Play the right Domino QQ.

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Here are some Tips and Tricks to win a lot in the online game of gamble kiu kiu. Sure, you can earn much money from this Business Opportunities:

  • Capital Enough
  • Right Instinct
  • Focus
  • Patience
  • Counting Opportunities for the Emergence of Cards
  • Recognise Limit Capabilities
  • Play Move Table
  • Play Fold

If you are the bully type, then make sure you have enough chip money. Capital is much the same as opportunities for bigger bluffs. Even though the card you have is ugly, but you still have a chance to bluff by raising the bet so that your opponent becomes scared and FOLD. However, the possibility to lose is always there, because not all players bully.

The second way, if you are not a risk type, you still need enough chip capital to brought to the online game table. If your card is ugly or you are unsure of the card you hold, please FOLD. Then you will only be charged as much as the blind of the table you choose.

But once you get a good card, please CALL or RAISE. There is a type of online game player who does more FOLD rather than following a bet. Thus he did spend BLIND chips off the table, but if he won, then he will get many times the amount he has paid.

Please choose your own, what type of player are you? So, you can win QQ Online game easily!

High Prediction

In addition to Capital, you also need a good Instinct to win the game. Learn about the possibilities of cards you have. If in the first three card division you get cut (9) then please forward. If the “game” card is useful, for example, you have 9-0, 9-1, 9-2, 9-3, you can raise the bet (RAISE). But if the card you receive is a combination of other Qiu cards (9 -4 of) then you should wait and see, CALL only if there is a RAISE.


One of the most important factors in all online gambling games is FOCUS. Try to minimise things that may interfere with your attention or concentration, such as chatting, watching television, eating, reading articles and other activities. Even if you are a professional gamer, you will be hard to win if you do not focus while playing. Create a calm and comfortable atmosphere before playing.


It is possible that the first three cards you get are not kyu but still worth fighting for. Suppose you get a 4-0, 3-0, 3-2 card, then you might expect the next card will amount to 4 to get a combination of 97 cards, or 5 cards to get a mix of 98 cards.


The card with the greatest opportunity appears is the card numbered six as many as four pieces of cards. And the cards with the smallest opportunities appear are 1, 3, and nine, i.e., as many as two pieces of cards.

While other cards have the possibility of looking on average as many as three cards. If you are holding a 4-0, 3-0, 3-2 card, and by ignoring the card owned by your opponent, there are still two more cards left.

The number of cards remaining in the deck is (28-3) 25 cards. Then the chance of the emergence of the card amounted to 5 = 2:25.


Like other gambling games, Domino kyu also relies on hockey/fortune. So do not push yourself if you feel you’re not hockey. Try to pause and play again tomorrow.


To get started, try first with SMALLEST TABLE. After that try moving to a bigger table. If at one table you lose in a row, do not force your hockey there, try to run the table. If you still lose on the other table, it means that your wind is not okay. Quickly stop before your chip runs out all. Try again tomorrow with the same pattern. All gambling games are very dependent on hockey.

Can you make money from online game?


Most players who often win use this tactic. If the card you hold is not good, just FOLD it. All possibilities do exist but do not force your hockey. You might win on this card you missed, but more likely to lose.

Be diligent in playing FOLD. Then your opponent will bluff when you RAISE or ALL IN. But make sure you have a good card at least 98 to participate in the game, build or ALL IN. With FOLD on the ugly cards, you’ll save on the number of chips you might throw away for your opponent. Make sure you will WIN with a sound card only.

So a few tips and tricks from the author for the online game lovers DOMINO QIU QIU from INDONESIA. Please see for yourself the efficacy of this skill by playing on gambling site domino Qiu Qiu online Indonesia trusted now. So, you can Earn Money from Internet Business!

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