How to Start an Online Business, Selling T-shirt Printing

How to Start an Online Business Selling T-shirt Printing is easy for beginner. T-shirts are casual wear and have been universally accepted by men and women in recent decades. However, the shirt is not merely a piece of casual wear. T-Shirt also is a blank canvas for artists and entrepreneurs.

t-shirt printing online business
best seller t-shirt printing

Hence, selling t-shirts printing at online shop has become a popular business choice. For many entrepreneurs, starting a business with its brand t-shirt is a great and inexpensive way to start an online business.

With the growth in popularity of the t-shirt printing business, you will face stiff competition. To win, you must have a design that people enjoy. The brand hit the hearts of people and the quality of the trust people. In the guidelines on how to start an online business t-shirt, we will discuss the process of making t-shirts and brand their online store. Each of the steps and keys to the success that we have described will be able to start as an entrepreneur t-shirt.

Build and launch a brand new shirt is relatively cheap and easy. If you already have a design idea you want to sell, you can start in just a few hours ahead.

You can search for T-shirt printing your surroundings, and if the area that is closest to you no printing that matches your criteria, the facilities in the online world could be the best way.

Tools and technologies to design, print and delivery t-shirt today’s increasingly sophisticated and provide a lot of convenience for you, but the hard part is building a brand to stand out and survive the intense competition. The level of competition and thin a lot of margins will require more hard work in the construction of an online t-shirt printing business.

How to Start an Online Business T-Shirt Printing?

There is some great tutorial to consider for starting a successful business t-shirt. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the key success factors in this online t-shirt business:


One of the first factors in building a t-shirt business success is the ability to stand out from many competitors, and one of the best ways to do this is by choosing a particular niche. To be more specific will help you to stand out and market it to the right target.

In general, categories such as t-shirts with funny slogans would be too full for the attack in a very complex market. You need to refine the type again. Examples of the more niche specific t-shirt are funny slogans relating to the doctors and nurses.


Most people will buy the product design, graphic and slogan that reflects the opinions and their character. Your design should not be too complicated, many t-shirts with the simple graphic design is a best seller, however, need to adjust to your target customers.


The next important factor for the success and sustainability of an online business is a quality shirt. You can fool someone once, but you can not fool costumers twice. A pattern is fading and cracking or shrinking t-shirt that will make your customers be disappointed and will not buy back.


A strong brand is important in the attractive industry t-shirt. Your brand is a symbol that summarises your business, including niche, design and quality. Building a brand is a unique and fun is important for businesses in highly competitive industries. When customers have a choice, it is becoming vital for an e-commerce business to attract customers.

✤ ✤ Quality T-Shirt Printing

As mentioned above, the quality is crucial for your brand and its success, so it’s important to train yourself wisely.

Many businesses are tempted to sacrifice quality for a higher profit margin, but you need to consider how the quality will influence customer decisions towards a brand and repurchase in the long term.

Quality t-shirt includes several factors, including the size, material, tenderness, and weight. A good starting point for determining an ugly t-shirt that you will use is by checking out reviews on t-shirts on the Internet or ask for recommendations from people you can trust.

✤ T-Shirt Printing Quality ✤

There are three traditional methods for t-shirt printing. Each method has its advantages and drawback, and in part will depend on how much time you want to invest in product creation, as well as choose your printing partner.

Below, we have outlined three methods of printing to provide a better understanding of each process.

☞Screen Printing

Screen printing (printing) is the old printing techniques that have stood the test of time. As one of the most popular methods to sell t-shirt printing, screen printing can produce long-lasting prints. However, it requires a lot of work in the initial setup, so that screen printing is most useful when printing in bulk. Sablon also causes problems when requiring sophisticated design or designs with more than four or five colours for each colour increases costs and production time.

-The cost is effective for large quantities.

-Cost inefficient for many colours.
-Only can print pictures and simple design.

☞Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is also a method that has been around for a long time and has several forms. A modern form of heat transfer is called plastisol transfers and printed by a professional printer. The advantage of this method can manage to print on your local printer and transfer them to your t-shirt when it received an order with a commercial heat press machine.

Heat transfer methods can produce full-colour images to the t-shirt is relatively easy and fast.

You can “print” any t-shirt on demand.

– a lower quality and less durable than direct-to-garment and printing.
– a significant initial investment in a hot press machine

☞ Direct-To-Garment (DTG)

The process of printing direct-to-garment operates like your ink-jet printer. DTG printing ink directly onto t-shirts and can produce full-colour images accurately.

The method of printing direct-to-garment print quality on par with and better screen than transfers heat process. Because it operates like an ink-jet printer, there is no setup fee, unlike screen printing. These methods mean easier and cost efficient to print small orders.

The main disadvantage of the method of printing direct-to-garment is no volume discount for large orders, as it requires the same amount of time to print each shirt.

– Get options unlimited colour.
-Akurasi high detail.
-Quite good for small orders.
-No set-up costs.

Deficiency :
-No practical for large production.
-Generally no volume discounts.

Looking for the Best Design And niche!

If you currently do not have ideas and design niche t-shirt, a good start is to look at what was traditional and current sales.

Below is a list of some marketplace graphic design t-shirt that will probably help you get a better idea of niche or your next t-shirt design.

  • Treeview
  • Zazzle
  • Redbubble favorite
  • Shirts Skreened Trending
  • Snorg bestsellers

You can use Google Trends and Google Hot Searches to get a topic that attracted many people today.

☞ Hiring a Designer

Once you have an idea for a t-shirt design. You must make your ideas into a design. If you have Adobe Photoshop or similar programs you can draw some unique design itself. If you do not have designs, you’ll probably need help from others.

There is various tools and marketplace that can be used to find a suitable graphic designer to help make your design.

• Dribbble – Dribbble is a great artist community with much unique skill. Finding a style that you locate and contact an artist you want to make sure if they are willing to freelance projects.
• Behance – Behance is another great artist community to get a designer t-shirt.
• In addition to the artist community, you can also try the traditional freelance network like Freelancer and Upwork.

☞ Buy Design

If you are having trouble finding an artist, there can purchase the design. However, if you get a design, there is a possibility that the design has already been sold to someone else so that business and your brand is difficult to stand out in the market.

Graphic t-shirts Marketplace include:

– Designious
– T-Shirt Factory

☞ Make Your Design Mockups

Once you have some final layout, the next step you need to create multiple images mockups in a T-shirt Printing. There are several ways to get your final design images on t-shirts including sample order and shooting their products, or with template t-shirts online, you can choose to create a 100% digital mockups with one of the following ways:

• Adobe Photoshop (Free Trial) t-shirt template is the most common type of file market. They allow you to quickly see how your design look when printed on a t-shirt. Most Photoshop template comes with some layers that enable you to change the colour of clothes and apply your design that will blend in with creases, folds and contours shirt.

• Another place that can be used to help you find the best mock-up file for the next project:

– T-shirt Market GraphicRiver
– 50 best models Design bolt

If Adobe Photoshop is not right for you, you can also use web-based software models that allow you to do the same thing without use Photoshop software.

– Market generator shirt, Shopify
– Shirt Mockup

Other good options for tasks like this is to ask for help from someone on Fiverr.

Validating Your T-shirt Printing Design

Before you spend a lot of money on your small business work, you must verify that there is an adequate market for your design. There are many ways that you can use to validate the market for your design ideas.

Some of the standard traditional method to confirm your thoughts, among others:

• Social Networks – Post some of your designs to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to friends and potential customers. See the response and what they think about your new design.

• Reddit – Reddit is gigantic, with many subreddits allows you to easily find the niche of potential customers and ask for their opinion on your design before launch.

• Kickstarter – Kickstarter crowd-funding and other sites make it easier to test, validate, and collect an advance on your new business idea. Launched a crowdfunding campaign can be time-consuming and require a lot of preparation, however, the benefits are enormous, including funding your project completely before you remove the capital.

☞ Setting up Online Store

Now you have the nice t-shirt printing design, create mockups, the next step is to build your store. With e-commerce platforms like Shopify, you will be easy to set up an online store within a few hours to validate your fashion shop business idea.

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