How to Run PROFITABLE T-shirt Printing BUSINESS?

How to Run PROFITABLE T-shirt Printing BUSINESS? Enjoying coffee in the morning while relaxing by putting your right foot on your left leg and swinging it slowly like a big boss in the dream company. While sucking on a cigarette in his hand, it felt that a hot smoke had perfected his natural laziness.

t-shirt printing business
t-shirt printing business

T-shirt printing business can managed with small capital. The age is getting more modern. One of the things that the world can do is change. The habit of lazing is not believed by the nation Indonesia As a good practice, not for today alone but from a long time ago even though the actual reality says otherwise, not all of it. Many online shop sell t-shirt printing with high profit.

The new zone will we enter, t-shirt printing is latest fashion trends. A clear concept is one of the determinants in competition in a business competition which supported by the fast advances in science and technology that affect the insight and skills of a person, and it becomes one of the parts that determine the way of view and quality of life of the nation Indonesia. This is it Indonesia New things that we will recognise from this day onwards. Let’s start by opening the mind to become a nation Indonesia Who think, believe, and move.

One of the many entrepreneurial ideas that are a container risk from God is to open a screen printing business to produce t-shirts distributions. T-shirts are the light, simple attire for upper body, usually short sleeves and long sleeves (T-shirt, so-called because of its shape). T-shirts are generally without buttons and collars, with round necks. This dress can wear by anyone, both men and women, and for all age groups, including infants, teenagers, and adults.

In Indonesia, the word T-shirt translates into T-shirts. While the T-Shirt or T-shirt was originally used as a garment in the British and American soldiers in the 19th century until the early 20th century.

T-shirt fever that crushes the entire nation of Indonesia more or less the whole world slowly but surely, T-shirts or T-shirts become part of everyday clothing worn by small children to parents. Make the existence of T-shirts more steadily in life because of t-shirts including one Of the three basic needs of clothing (shirts), boards, and food.

A. Equipment

This digital screen printing has a good chance at this time and in the future. Moreover, supported by capital to start a relatively affordable, does not need too much electricity so it can do from home. With the ease of the process, if you can print your design result by using printer through the computer, you can make t-shirts with digital screen printing with a little extra t-shirt press machine.

Selection of digital screen printing tool affects the smooth business of selling your distro t-shirts. Often the digital screen printing business fails because of the lack of knowledge to get a quality digital printing machine at an affordable price. It is advisable to research in advance the digital screen printing package that you will choose. This will take longer but with a better yield guarantee than the purchase of a screen printing machine without planning.

The equipment required to start a business or business of digital t-shirts is necessary and relatively cheap for the initial capital of the company:

Computer 1 set (CPU and monitor)

Standardization for this machine is a great graphics card, or its VGA Card is sufficient to process the image correctly. Because therein must be installed some image processing applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw or Macromedia Freehand which also requires a rather large memory, then the processor also must be adequate. Roughly with the specifications of at least Dual Core Processor, 256 MB VGA Card and 80 GB Harddisk. The price ranges approximately 3 million complete with the monitor.

One of the essential functions of the computer is to design a picture of T-shirt “DESIGN”. It needs inspiration and a good understanding of customer needs. If the model can capture the market’s desire, assured that any product would be sold out. There are Two essential tools, first about the ins and outs of the design, the second tool. Mastering Corel + Photoshop may also want a bit complicated entry into Adobe Illustrator. But Corel and Photoshop, these two are enough, the most important are the design. There is three that need to design, logo, packaging and picture at t-shirt printing. All three are very important. Be the designer pictures of shirts that can read the market desire.

Here are some steps how to create a T-Shirt / Kaos design

Step 1
Open your Photoshop software and create a new document (CTRL + N)

Step 2
Now we will create a T-shirt from using the pen tool with the properties settings as follows:

Then make a line using the pen tool, use this screenshot as a form-making guide. When finished, you can use the pen tool again and edit it as you wish.

Then colour the shape of the t-shirt with black colour by right click on path line and make selections. Create a new layer then press Shift + F5 and select users to be black end by pressing OK. To eliminate the collection click on the menu Select> Deselect.

Step 3
Use the pen tool again to create a shadow, use the shadow colour # 828282. If you have trouble viewing pen tool point you can zoom your view using zoom in by pressing keyboard key CTRL + Click on the area you want to zoom (use click + drag while pressing CTRL key), to minimise your view using CTRL + ALT + Click. And this is the result of his path.

The left shadow, in the armpit area.

Path on right armpit

Step 4
Now add a shadow on the bottom, using the same way in step 3.

Step 5
With some shadow additions, the following images generated. You can add other shadows that you think can be used.

Step 6
Now you are ready to use this t-shirt design to be a template. So the design of t-shirt contents can easily be inserted and made as a display. Usually, for a T-Shirt model like this (using photoshop) you entered the content design through layer adders above all layers and combined with layer mode. The final result until make T-shirt design is as follows.

Step 7
If you prefer to look realistic, you can use the Smudge Tool (R) in the shadows you create, so it looks like real T-shirts. If you use this option you can also add a shadow with the Polygonal Lasso tool (make random), the colours still use the same colour. At each selection make a feather (CTRL + ALT + D) for 5.

In the T-shirt add noise (Filter> Noise> Add Noise) to see a fabric texture of 0.90. By using this method, we can produce T-Shirt design as follows:

Finishing, you can add labels and cloth on the neck.

If you are interested in downloading or download Blank T-Shirt template and T-shirt please drop by on the following article. Well, then how to make a shirt design or T-Shirt with Coreldraw? You can learn both by visiting this link. For learning media Creating T-Shirt and T-shirt Design with Photoshop, we include PSD file source file that you can change as you wish.
Download PSD

Sublime ink printer
This printer is used to print design from computer to transfer paper or inkjet paper with special ink that is divine ink. Divine inks include colloid inks that have construction/structure materials that tailored to the Epson printer ink. So sublime ink is one of the variants of pigment ink with transfer capability. For the printer, you can initially start buying Epson Stylus T20E Printer which is directly in the infusion filled with sublime ink. The price ranges from 1 at an.

Hotpress machine
This device will eventually transfer the sublime ink that has been printed in inkjet or transfer paper to the shirt. Using high pressure and heat, divine inks can move the media well. The price of this hot press machine ranges from 3.5 s / d 9 at-an. Hotpress machine is also a lot that provides it from artificial China, Japan or German. Adjust your Baja same bag you let not use capital.

Plain T-shirt (Combed, card or PE)
For starters, you can try stock one shirt each dozen of combed shirts, cards shirts and PE material t-shirts. Do not have a lot of stock first, because later seen the market as well, because of masing2 different market t-shirts. If it is targeted new market share rather a lot. The price is around 500,000. Choose quality materials, but as much as possible you get it at a price more slanted.

Inkjet paper and transfer paper
Inkjet paper is a paper used to transfer sublime ink to Polyester-like shirts material PE. The result is sharp, and only the ink will move to the T-shirt (the paper is not attached to the t-shirt). While the transfer paper for t-shirts made from combed or card, the results are also sharp, but the transferred is ink along with a layer of paper.

B. Steps

Print artwork/design mirror (reversed like AMBULANCE on an ambulance) onto transfer paper
Position the transfer paper prints with the sublimation ink side touching the sides of the shirt and place it on the t-shirt hot press machine.

Pinch the t-shirt with the temperature with the specified time (temperature and time depend on the thickness of t-shirt material, but the time range is usually only a few minutes)
Remove the paper from the metal t-shirts, and images/sublimation ink will move/blend with T-shirts.

C. Packaging Do

You know inrda vision? That is the eye. Think and do how you make a packaging your t-shirt product looks beautiful and kind to many consumers who will glance at it. Your task is to indulge the senses of the vision of the buyer/consumer with the design as unique and exciting as possible, since the feeling of sight includes one mentioned in psychology that man interacts with his environment using “sense” that is: with senses of sight, feeling, and hearing. This process is critical to do, because the packaging is the finishing part of a production process, and this will help the production of your t-shirts.

Are t-shirt printing business still profitable now?

From the above explanation can be concluded that digital screen printing business opportunity is the latest trend of creative activity in the field of printing and clothing design. Digital screen printing segmentation is now so full and present in almost every community event that deals with distros, school uniforms, work clothes, uniforms of service, and various other needs in the clothing (clothing) field. Make sure you do not miss the trend of digital printing and succeed to be the best in the original business era!

Because to produce the optimal power it takes more than mature courage in engaging in a production and marketing war that the drumming played by the firm actors themselves. Note: Analysis of the price of equipment, equipment, and other costs of entrepreneurship/business may change at any time over time to adjust the economic situation of each region. I think you must try Earn Money from t-shirt printing business opportunities!

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