CHEAP HOUSING Ideas, Use Mortgage Loans Now!

CHEAP HOUSING Ideas, Use Mortgage Loans Now! If you want to own a house and can not buy a house in cash or have no land to build your home then the right choice is by way of mortgage loans through the bank. Mortgage loans stand for Home Ownership Loan. There are two different stakeholders in mortgage loans, which are mortgage providers and home provider developers who will be in mortgage loans, although both always work together but keep in mind both have their functions and authority about mortgages that can not handle mixed. Here’s a guide to how to credit a mortgage.

cheap housing
cheap housing

You can buy cheap housing with mortgage loans programs. Determine the house to be purchased by way of mortgage loans. There are two ways to this first step, come to the bank and ask for home location information available for mortgage loans, the second you search for your home or housing through newspapers, the internet, direct surveys to multiple locations or info from advertisements.

We recommend looking for some alternative homes that will purchase which will compare regarding price, ease of credit process home mortgage, shelter.

The second step, if the target home has selected, ask all the things related to the house. For example, you choose to house, ask how much the price, how much money face, how much the cost of the sign, whether the house has built or new will made after paying a deposit. See Draw the floor plan and design, make sure the location is correct, check the housing and housing facilities if the new house will build, make sure how long the house made, and ask how the home mortgage loan process later.

Please also read articles on cheap housing tips and related items that can inspire you titled home owning tips.

If all the information is clear and you understand, the next step is to pay the sign so as proof of booking a house or a lot of livestock let alone people or let not trigger up the price. Usually, each developer is different. Some are free.

The next step is to pay a mortgage advance when you are positive so buy a house, generally, the sign so it is part of the down payment, so if you already pay the sign, so the down payment is only paid the rest only. The down payment will refund if the home mortgage application is finally rejected by the bank.

After paying the down payment, the next step is to apply the home mortgage loan to the selected bank. Usually, developers will adjust this submission to a bank that has become a partner.

When choosing another bank, we are often asked to apply for credit home mortgages. Applying for home mortgage loan takes a right time, can reach one month. Where the requirement mortgage loans from bank has been determined such as copy of bank account all savings, work certificate, salary slip last 3 months, become permanent employee at least 2 years, copy of ID card, Marriage Letter, etc. depending on each bank.

During the submission process after the requirements submitted to the bank, there is usually a survey. The bank regularly surveys to where we work, so do not try to lie about this.

The Bank will also check history to ensure that you and your wife (if already married) not included in the black list related to credit history that may have done before. You will also be called upon to interview about your finances, if you are accustomed to managing household finances well, would be relaxed during the interview.

One thing to note, your ability in the eyes of the bank. Here your income and your wife and also how much the house price, down payment, and the length of the instalment will affect each other.

Generally the bank will require the maximum fee is 30% salary, there is also a allow 40% pay, there can combine between your income with the wife, there is only require a salary of the husband only.

If your salary is high and if you deduct 30% pay is still much more for a month, the bank will not be negotiable. The bank will answer the big income, the needs will also be significant, so whatever your salary, then must be willing only Mortgage credit home mortgage only 30% it course, do not forget if you have ever credit before and still running it will be considered included in 30%.

The price of the house, the length of the instalment, the down payment, and the salary will affect each other. If one deducted, then the other should be higher, for example, if mortgage mortgages per month want to lower, then advance should be increased, or No, the old instalment extended.

You need to think more to determine this and that also depends on the availability of your cash when going to buy a house. Do not worry, there must be a way out if you want to be patient, or you can read the article about ” tips on finding cheap housing “.

How to get cheap housing ideas?

If your home mortgage loan rejected by the bank, then what you can do, you need to turn to look for other opportunities. Such as cheaper homes, or save first to collect a down payment or find an affordable home. Or you can use cheap housing ideas from perumnas. But if the submission of home mortgage loans received by the bank, then the next is the process of building homes for homes that have not built or the implementation of credit agreements for homes that are ready handed over.

You need to prepare at least 5 million rupiahs for this process. There are many costs incurred such as taxes, insurance, notary fees, administration, etc.

Well, I just summarise how to credit mortgages, namely: home selection – pay the sign so – pay advance – mortgage loan application – Bank surveys and interviews – home construction – credit agreement. The money you need to prepare is a down payment that is 30% of the price of the house.

A lot of cheap housing ideas from internet business. There is also a 35% or even 10 – 20% depending on each developer. Little advances are usually for housing that is also cheaper. You also need to prepare money for the credit agreement and the first mortgage loan. Hopefully, by knowing how to credit this mortgage can make it easier for you who want to have a home by way of mortgage loans.

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