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The Positive Effects of Consuming Tea in the World.

Tea is a beverage that has been accorded utmost love because of its numerous advantages among them its cost-effectiveness to everyone regardless of their social status. There are very many tea types depending on their origin, and these tea types compete in quality and market.

There are several health benefits of using tea as compared to other beverages.

Tea powder is extracted through drying the tea leaves and from that point they are ready to be used and sold in different stores. The grades of the tea and quality differ depending on how they have been extracted and their area of growth and oxidation period, and their types include black, green, white and oolong tea.

Tea is a beverage that is taken daily by most people, and it contributes to providing the body with its daily amount of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and a few calories.
These elements are essential to start off your day as you feel energized to start your day and become productive in your field.

The elements in the tea known as polyphenols and antioxidants that are responsible for fighting against cancer cells, stroke and heart disease and also delaying the aging process. When you take your daily cup of tea, you are protected against a large number of conditions that are a threat to the human body.

Weight reduction is another benefit of drinking tea as it increases the body metabolism and use the excessive calories in supplying energy for the body.

If you need to take tea for the purpose of losing excessive weight in your body then it is recommended to use green tea as it has high levels of antioxidants responsible for increasing body metabolism by the use of the excess fats.
Tea is also associated with bettering your oral health as the tea has traces of fluoride which works to ensure that the teeth enamel is strong enough to resist bacteria that causes teeth cavities.

Some people may argue that your teeth can get discolored by frequent use of tea and you can rectify this by using white tea which has less amounts of antioxidants that are responsible for staining your teeth.

Frequent intake of tea will make your oral health better because it works in preventing bad breath and cavities.

Another advantage of using tea is that it helps the body to fight against kidney and liver diseases which are caused by excessive irons in the body and the tea works by blocking excessive absorption of the iron elements.
Tea also helps the body muscles to attain the required amounts of minerals needed for the bones hence making the consumer have stronger muscles and bones.

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