A Hunter’s Dream – Owning Their Own Land

Many passionate hunters dream of owning their own tract of hunting land. Sometimes you just grow weary of the same land, whether private or public, where all you see are other orange vests. There is a lot to be said about owning your own land to hunt own – sense of stewardship, investment for the future, and conservation.

Consider these points when searching for hunting land for sale.

  • Location – Location is just as important in buying a parcel of hunting property as it is to residential or commercial. You want to be close enough to your home so that you don’t have to pack lunch to go there. If the land does not have a cabin on it, you might want to think about something close to overnight accommodations, for unplanned overnight trips.
  • Lay of the Land – If you plan on putting a cabin, or possible a primary home, one needs a dry, level location that perks for water. Whether it’s a cabin or permanent residence, place it near the road side of the land, so as to not frighten the wildlife you are hunting. Also, take into consideration whether you plan on adding food plots to attract wildlife and how accessible the property is for machinery.
  • Food Sources – Food and water are essential for wildlife to survive and while both can be added why not find a parcel that has some of what you need to start? Deer hunters should look for land with hardwood trees as deer love acorns and hickory nuts. Also, look for land with perennial woody plants, trees with low hanging branches, and brush-style plants. If your property does not have water, look at the adjoining parcels for water, as deer and wildlife will cross your property to get to the water source. Ponds can be dug, but if the water table is not high enough to fill the hole, water will have to be transported in.

Owning your own land allows you to improve the quality and quantity of the wildlife by improving the habitat. You don’t have to seek permission to hunt the land or worry that someone is going to buy it. You can add ponds, food plots, plant trees and harvest timber. Best of all, the land doesn’t have to be exclusively for hunting. Build your retirement home where walking to your tree stand is a whole lot easier.